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Adairville School Selected for 2024-25 School Uplift Program
Madison Kirby

The Tennessee Valley Authority announced that Adairville School has been selected to join the TVA EnergyRight School Uplift program for the upcoming school year. This yearlong program is designed to help the school save energy, make learning spaces more comfortable, and reduce energy costs. 

Assistant Principal Cindy Beason is the School Uplift Energy Champion collaborating with TVA’s Energy Champion, Whitney Stewart, and local energy provider Pennyrile Rural Electric Cooperative. The Logan County Maintenance Team will also be working with TVA and Pennyrile to make energy assessments and recommended improvements.

“I submitted Adairville School for the School Uplift program because I had heard how other schools had been successful in this program,” said Cindy Beason. “A lot of the things that we can do right now will cost no money, like making sure that we turn the lights off when not in classrooms and unplugging devices when they are not in use. TVA will also reward us with grants through our participation and our effectiveness.”

As a School Uplift participant, Adairville School will be eligible to apply for exclusive and exciting grants, including a Learning Environment Grant and a Building Energy Upgrade Grant to improve the school’s overall energy efficiency.

Everyone will have a role in helping to meet the school’s energy-reduction goals by learning about and practicing energy-saving behaviors. School Uplift provides resources, activities, and tools for sharing energy-smart skills with all ages. 

“We are excited to get our students involved in the process and incorporate their ideas into this project,” said Beason. “Students will learn how to save energy, participate in schoolwide projects that will make us more efficient in our energy use and will help us decide how we will spend the money that we will receive through the grant.

“Our goals are to help our students and staff be more aware of ways to save energy, reduce our energy bills, and make some improvements to our outdoor learning spaces through the grant,” Beason shared. “In addition to the grant opportunities, the money that we are saving on energy could then be used for things like books, teaching materials and technology for our school.” 

“This is a great opportunity for our students to experience working together as a community to accomplish the goal of being energy smart,” said Logan County Schools Superintendent Dan Costellow.  “We are excited to see the opportunities and ideas our Adairville students and staff bring to their experience with School Uplift.”

On average, School Uplift participants reduce annual energy costs by 10% and save an average of $13,000 per year. School Uplift also helps schools improve learning environments through energy improvements. This could include improved focus with energy-efficient LED lighting, better breathing with ventilation updates, and brighter moods with brighter classrooms. 

To learn more about School Uplift, visit

Congratulations, Adairville School! #LCPride


Chandler’s School Wins $25,000 Grant Through TVA School Uplift Program
Madison Kirby

The Tennessee Valley Authority announced Thursday that Chandler’s School has been selected to win a $25,000 Learning Environment Grant through the TVA EnergyRight School Uplift program and partnership with Pennyrile Rural Electric Company.

School Uplift is a year-long energy management training program that helps public schools make smart energy choices that improve the classroom learning environment and save money through decreased energy use. 

At Chandler’s, School Uplift is led by students on the school’s Energy Team: Ava Mayes, Oliver Gripshover, McKenzie Weaver Kaidyn Holloway, Caylee Stranger, Emma Stranger, Kyndal Stratton, Memphis Hyde, Jack Fultz, Braxton Haley, and Daniel O'Neal. They are supported by the school sponsor/Energy Champion teacher Marty White, Local Energy Partner Mike Oglesby from Pennyrile Rural Electric, Energy Coach Whitney Stewart from TVA, and their school community. 

“I’m so grateful for the Energy Team,” said seventh grader Kyndal Stratton. “It really feels more like a family because we get to work together and have fun.” 

The students on the Energy Team served as the motivators and planners behind School Uplift at Chandler’s. Together they planned exciting activities and challenges for the entire school to participate in, such as coloring contests and end-of-day energy checklists. 

“My favorite part of School Uplift is getting to work with my classmates on something that impacts our whole school for the better,” said seventh grader Ava Mayes.

The Energy Team created presentations that they shared at a Logan County School Board meeting and the Student Technology Leadership Program’s regional and state competitions. They detail the school’s energy consumption, their plan to tackle energy use with support from their Energy Partner at the TVA, and their success in reducing energy waste at school.

“I think more people should join an energy team,” said sixth grader McKenzie Weaver. “We love sharing and having more ideas to spread the word about saving energy.”

The grant will fund new outdoor playground equipment that encourages students to exercise and enjoy more time outdoors. 

“The grant is going to be used to improve our playground and blacktop,” explained Caylee Stranger, eighth grade student. “Everyone at the school and in the community worked hard to help us, and we want to show our appreciation for everyone pitching in to make Chandler’s better.” 

“I’m super excited we can use this money to improve our school,” said seventh grader Kaidyn Holloway. “It really shows how hard work can pay off!”

“This entire project has been led by our students,” said Chandler’s teacher and Energy Champion Marty White. “From the school news announcements to the posters and planning, they have had all of the ideas. They have worked all year to help make Chandler’s an even better place, and I couldn’t be more proud of them.”

“The students and staff at Chandler’s have really rallied behind this project, and their efforts as a community are being recognized!” said Logan County Schools Superintendent Dan Costellow. “School Uplift has been a great opportunity for our students to experience the importance of working together as a community to accomplish their goal of being energy smart. 

“We’re really glad that not only is it a great experience, but now they have funds to enhance the school in a way the students voted on,” Dr. Costellow continued. “This has been a great partnership with the TVA and Pennyrile Electric, and I’m excited to continue working with them next school year. We’ll have a formal announcement about that later this week.”

Chandler’s School joins over 225 schools to have completed School Uplift over the past four years, competing to earn grants for building upgrades and other learning environment improvements. On average, participating schools save nearly 10% on their annual energy bills from behavior changes alone.  

“Every dollar invested in our schools helps districts allocate resources to where it matters most – educating our children,” said Monika Beckner, vice president of TVA’s Energy Services & Programs. “We’re inspired by the winners of this year’s School Uplift grants and proud of their dedication to reducing energy waste and building a sustainable future for us all.”

The Chandler’s School Energy Team would like to remind everyone, “Saving energy saves you MONEY!” Congrats again, Chandler’s!